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MEWA Medical Plans
Affordable Coverage for Small Businesses.

Why Consider a MEWA for Your Business?

Health coverage through a MEWA is one of the best options for small businesses to obtain affordable rates. In fact, Wilson Insurance has helped many businesses save over 50% on healthcare premiums through MEWAs. If you are a small business looking for affordable health plans, keep reading!

A MEWA (Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement) allows numerous employers to pool together to leverage lower rates as a group. MEWAs help spread the financial risk across many employers, enhancing stability in health benefits expenditure. Although many businesses participate in MEWA medical plans as a whole, they maintain the ability to choose plans that fit their individual needs.

Businesses with 1-50 employees (including sole proprietors) can typically join a MEWA.
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Advantages of MEWA Medical Plans


Just as shoppers at a wholesale club benefit from lower prices by buying in bulk, small businesses in a MEWA combine their workforce numbers to enhance their bargaining power. This collective strength can drive down insurance rates, making quality health insurance much more affordable for you and your team.


Traditionally, “self-funded” health plans have varying premium payments from month to month. However, MEWA plans present employers the ability to have fixed monthly rates from policy inception to renewal. Once an employer’s rates have been established, they will not change until their renewal, which is key for budgeting purposes.


Although a MEWA is composed of many different businesses, each individual business chooses their own plan(s). Whether it's a low-deductible, co-pay plan, a high-deductible Health Savings Account (HSA) plan, or somewhere in between, you have the power to craft a benefits package that truly reflects the needs of your employees.


With a MEWA, employees don't have to be confined to a limited healthcare network. MEWAs often provide access to a vast network of healthcare professionals across the country. Whether they need to go to the family doctor down the street or a renowned specialist across the country, employees can have flexibility to choose where they go for healthcare needs.

Do you want to learn more about MEWAs? Read this blog post, or contact us below. 

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 Please note that employees are required to answer health questions for underwriting review when setting up a MEWA health plan. Rates are subject to the results of this underwriting process. In some cases, rates may not be competitive based on the underwriting results.

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We are an independent brokerage and are not employees of insurance carriers nor MEWAs.
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