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Health coverage through a MEWA is one of the best options for small businesses to obtain affordable rates. A MEWA (Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement) allows numerous employers to band together to leverage lower rates as a group. Although many employers participate in MEWA medical plans as a whole, they still have flexibility. Employers can choose plans that fit their individual needs.

Businesses with 1-50 employees (including sole proprietors) can typically join a MEWA.
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Advantages of MEWA Medical Plans


Pooling together financial resources allow businesses to acquire a much more affordable health insurance policy for their employees. In fact, the larger the pool of employers, typically the lower amount of money each member has to pay for employee health insurance.


Traditionally, “self-funded” health plans have varying premium payments from month to month. However, MEWA insurance presents employers the ability to have a fixed rate from policy inception to renewal. Once an employer’s rates have been established, they will not change until their renewal, which is key for budgeting purposes.


Although a MEWA is composed of many different businesses, each individual business chooses their own plan or plans. This allows businesses to offer health insurance plans that fit their employees’ specific needs. From low deductible co-pay plans to high deductible Health Savings Account (HSA) plans, MEWAs offer a wide variety of options.


Another advantage of obtaining health insurance through a MEWA is the ability to choose a plan with a broad, national network. The network of coverage in a health insurance plan is a major factor. Employees will greatly appreciate having access to a large network of hospitals and doctors both locally and nationally.

Do you want to learn more about MEWAs? Read this blog post, or contact us below. 

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